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Valentine's Day Ideas On a Budget!

Hello and welcome to another blog!

Well, well! It's this time of the year again. I think for most of us, Valentine is the celebration that we love to hate! We might not believe in it, but deep inside, all of us want to be treated as the special person of the day. After all, it's just another opportunity to celebrate our love. ( I know, I know.... we celebrate our love every single day...) yes, indeed, but why not make another day more special? Why not to take the chance and create beautiful moments with your beloved ones?

Most asked question for this occasion: what are you getting him/her? My question is, why do we need to get a typical gift? (I mean.. gifts are always welcome!) but there are so many other ways to express your love! Here's my ideas for the big day, being on a budget!

1. Prepare a really nice dinner for you two!

Make sure you know what his/her favorite food is and try to cook it! There are a bunch of easy, homemade recipes even for beginners. The effort you put in it will make the difference and you will be much praised for this! A bottle of your favorite drink and a yummy desert shouldn't miss this day!

2. Since it's this time of the year and all we can do is stay in, a nice cozy environment should play the first part throughout the whole day, even if you are working in the kitchen and he is working in the living room! Light some candles the moment you both wake up, make two cups of coffee and ask him/her to spend even 10 minutes drinking your morning coffee together, as the opening of this celebration day! In other words, make the ordinary, unexpected and surprise them!

3. A special day needs pampering! Wake up, have you coffee, get dressed in whatever style you feel comfortable with, do your hair in a different than the every day way you are used to and make up a little bit! First of all, it will make your whole day and secondly you will feel that this actually is a special occasion! (let alone the compliments that you'll get ;) ) Girl, any opportunity of us being fabulous, even in the house, we get it!

4. Get him a little something that will make his mood!

A pair of lovely wool socks (forever favorites from Happy Socks

Or a personized notebook. Since we all work from home, a notebook full of hearts will hurt nobody's reputation! Have found wonderful ideas from Papier. Linking you down below my latest favorite findings!

Anything you do - not only on this day- make sure you do it with all your heart. It's the only real tip that will work!

Much love,



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