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The one with the Red Handbag

When it comes to everyday comfort, to wondering in and out of the tube or strolling around the city, we definitely need to carry a comfy handbag! It doesn't have to be a sporty look or a hike in the mountains, it can also be a laid back, stylish pair of trousers, with your favorite trainers or biker boots, a long oversized coat and voila! Easy, extra wearable style for every woman, no matter age.

The Red Handbag

Try some pop of color in your daily routine and fall in love with red. Did you know that studies show that red is the only color that fits every woman, no matter the age and the skin color? Get a red sweater and a plain pair of skinny jeans and immediately you will notice how this brighten your face. Personally love red color because it always gives the sense of power, independence and vibrancy. From a total black look to a color blocked one, whichever your choice is, try to style with a red backpack/crossover handbag and feel the vibes of attitude!

My tip: TRY TRY TRY and be open to try new styles, new colors, new ways! Took me years to understand that even if we love one style, one color even one pattern, it's only when we get out of our comfort zones that we realize how much excitement and difference a small change can bring!

In the end.. We only live once!

(You can find the backpack in our online store)

Much love,



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