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Maintain a healthy routine during quarantine

Hello and welcome to another blog!

Today’s topic is all about positivity and productivity. It has been an extremely challenging era and most of us find it difficult to keep our work (and minds) in pace. In today’s blog I will share my tips, for turning a boring everyday routine at home, to a creative and effective one!

Tip number one:

The magical 8-hour golden rule!

Try to maintain a continuous same sleeping pattern. For example, if you are an early bird, (not me at all) and you feel that morning hours, turn to be your most productive ones, try to get in bed same time every weekday, always making sure that you have this 8-hour sleep rule in mind. Trust me, a good 8-hour sleep is so beneficial for our bodies and minds as well. Same for the rest of us that enjoy a late stay in warm bed sheets! If you feel that late hours are being more beneficial for you, well girl, this quarantine is life for us! When you know, you know 😉

Tip number two:

Stop moaning for the things you can’t change!

It’s a pandemic! Can we do anything to change it? No! Will it ever happen to our lives again? No! (well.. Hopefully not..) Then, take time to appreciate all the positives that we all took and still taking from this crazy period. Time for ourselves, family, and friends! Yes, most of us live abroad, away from our loved ones, BUT let’s take the opportunity and make that long video call with our bestie, update her thoroughly for all our weird feelings, have a video wine night with her and spend quality time, which otherwise we couldn’t have done in a non-quarantine period, cause all of us are busy! Call your family and do the same! See them through a video call, discuss all the things you always left due to the luck of time. It is a sense of fulfillment and realization for both sides.

Tip number three:

Work and make it work!

Create a workstation in your house. Make a cute little corner for your daily tasks. You spend 8 whole hours in front of this computer screen. Make it appealing to you! Set a certain time that you start work each day and a certain time you finish, as you would anyways do in your actual office. Try to maintain the same 8-hour routine every day. This way you will benefit from the time-consuming commute to your actual work place and instead gain time to do whatever pleases you! Make the most out of your free time now that there is the chance!

Tip number four:


I am certainly not the one to talk about healthy lifestyle, but I’m certainly the one who enjoys spending time in the kitchen, creating yummy recipes and experimenting with worldwide cuisines. After the first quarantine and after having cooked a bunch of delicious Greek recipes, -super fatty though-, decided to spend some quality time and experiment with low calorie ones. My experience so far shows that not only I enjoy them, (maybe a little bit more) than the ones I used to make, but they make me feel more ‘alive’ and energetic. What helps me, is finding easy, low calorie but still delicious recipes that are fun to cook and delicious to eat! Also, every night, I like preparing the whole next day’s menu, from breakfast to dinner, saving a lot of time and effort throughout the day, cause I’ve found that whenever I’m actually hungry and start preparing my food at that time, I eat away more and I always end up making something completely different than the low calorie goal! I will link down below the websites that I personally take my cooking ideas and been loving lately.

Maintaining a pace in our everyday routine, keeping work in these 8 hour timetable and continuing our own activities throughout the day, will definitely make a difference and make us feel more motivated and creative. It has helped me a lot, especially on days that although I had a million things to do, I ended up scrolling on my phone the whole day. Let me know what works for you and what helps you keep a -quarantine edition- lifestyle!

Till next time,

Stay safe

Much love,



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