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How to... stay inspired

Wanted to share my thoughts (take it as a little journal, where you can find simple questions, thoughts, discussion topics and whatever I find the need to share in a more personal manner than just socials..) considering the questions I get really often, from colleagues, friends , etc.. They ask me ‘how do you manage to stay inspired and what’s your motivation?’

The answer is that I don’t always manage to stay inspired. I don’t always manage to create and keep being creative. And I concluded lately that it’s really ok not to be ok. We don’t have to be ok every single day! During the whole situation around the globe and considering all the side effects that each one of us is dealing with every single day, it is in a way not normal to feel positive and stay untouched by the situation. We cannot shut our eyes and not see the reality or even avoid it. Instead, what I really did, is that I took a big breath, opened my eyes to this new reality and tried to understand it and in a way, face it.

Can I help solving it? Probably not. None of us can. Can I make things better spending my days being unmotivated and keep repeating the same day for weeks? For sure not.

Find what you love in little daily things and make it a habit. A new routine. You have plenty of time to do that!

I love coffee! The smell of a freshly made cup of coffee in the morning, can transform my whole day.

The morning breeze! Gosh how I love this winter morning breeze, that has always been so underrated to my mind, as I always get up for work early in the morning and I always feel so freakin’ cold (if you live in London we are in the same page 😊 ) In it’s officially in my routine taking my hot cup of coffee and staying in my backyard at least 5 minutes every day before I get started my day. It gives me so much energy let alone that I wake up instantly!

Walks.. I love taking big walks! Thankfully I live in this city that everything seems magical to my eyes. From the little narrow streets in Soho, to the urban vibe that feels your body in Shoreditch. This city has a whole other vibe. Maybe it’s me and this city that we just click. A walk around these streets is unquestionably the main source of my inspiration. These Harrods windows that will always compete against Selfridges and Liberty are a main topic of discussion every season and a real eye catcher to me! My reference point and my creative compass that will always point London.

When everything gets back to normal, I’m sure all of us will miss in a way this chance we had to spend it at home, with our loved ones, or even with ourselves. Time is the only thing we can’t control. We shouldn’t waste it. We should respect it. New opportunities are still out there, it’s in our hands to go get them!

Stay safe ,

Much love,



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