Frequently asked questions

How much does a criminal lawyer cost NSW?

Criminal law fees can be vary depending on how complex or simple your matter is. A matter can cost as low as $500 for a fixed fee or can cost thousands. That is why we try and offer fixed fees so our clients know exactly what is required to be paid before engaging our services. Book in your initial consultation to get an obligation free estimate.

How can I book a free consultation?

It is easy can clicking on the Contact Box on our website our calling directly to try and engage a Criminal Lawyer in Sydney. It is as simple as that. Leave a message or give us a call and we can organise a suitable time to organise an obligation free Free First Consultation.

Can I avoid a criminal conviction?

Yes of course, with the right legal defence team, you can ensure you are either found not guilty of an offence charged or receive a Section 10 or Conditional Release Order without conviction.

Will an AVO appear on my record?

An AVO is not a criminal offence, however a breach of an AVO is. If you are the Defendant in a final, interim or provisional AVO and Children are listed as the Person in Need of Protection, then an AVO will appear on a Working With Children's Check and other more in-depth checks.

How long does a Court Matter take?

Legal matters vary from simple to highly complex. A straight forward driving offence can be finalised at the first court appearance in the Local Court. However a serious offence such as Murder or Sexual Intercourse without Consent are categorised as 'Strictly Indictable' which means they must be finalised in a higher Court such as the District Court or Supreme Court and if you plead Not Guilty, you will appear before a Jury, not a magistrate.