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N&K London Shoes is a new luxury footwear brand, established by Kate Fella in London. The brand’s master plan has one main vision. To make women “walk their way”

N&K London is a UK based brand, loving producing leather shoes and accessories!

Built around my lifelong passion for leather and my strong belief that being authentic doesn’t need to be perfect but real!  You can get a piece of leather and transform it into something unique. Something that won’t have an identical one, even if it is one of the same design, every single piece will be slightly different to the other. That’s  what attracts me the most in creating leather goods. The uniqueness. 


Produced in Greece with the finest Greek and Italian leathers,focused on high-end materials, trims and genuine quality leather. 


All our products are ethically being made by small manufacturers in Greece.
Big highlight of our FW/2020-2021 collection is the sustainable packaging we started using. In an era that is constantly changing, it is more than our obligation to keep being updated and adjust our needs! We are more than happy to announce that from now on all our customers will receive their orders in 100% recyclable and biodegradable postal boxes, including 100% recyclable wrapping paper. 


At the end of the day, details define us.




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